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VNTower is operating in the fields of construction engineering, design, consulting and construction. Products and services are designed to meet customers’ requirements.


VNTower is known as one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of steel tower structures, especially in structural analysis and design.


VNTower has the ability to manufacture and supply all kinds of towers with tubular steel or angle steel. With experience in the design, manufacture, supply and assembly of hundreds of telecom towers, VNTower’s product designs are optimized and simplified to save costs in the process of production, shipping and installation.


With experience of building hundreds of BTS sites across Vietnam, Laos and Mozambique, as well as of designing and supplying a large number of towers, VNTower is capable of the management and finance of implementing 500 civil works a year.

Site Audit & Maintenance

With experience of surveys, assessment and structural analysis for thousands of BTS sites in Vietnam, VNTower is qualified to advise and consult clients about implementation methods, providing complete processes, tools and teams to survey and assess steel towers according to customers’ requests......

Project Management and Supervision

We provide leading experts, with domestic and international experience and deep technical knowledge, who are able to work independently and take initiative and propose effective technical and financial solutions.