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Our Solution

VNTower focuses on design solutions and initiatives to optimize and simplify design to facilitate production and installation processes and save cost as well as improve quality products.

Solutions include the rapid deployment sites, sites with non-concrete foundation, pneumatic telescopic masts, rooftop solution sites, etc.

VNTower provides solutions for customers in various fields such as telecommunications and television.



1. Rapid Deployment Site

  • Deployment time: 5-7 days/site
  • No foundation digging, no rebar
  • Site areas: 6m x 6m to 10m x 10m
  • Site recycling

2. Telescopic Mast

VNTower is the exclusive distribution partner of Fireco (Italy) in Vietnam for this product. Products are made in Italy in accordance with the most advanced European technology and standards. This solution is widely used in telecommunications, television, military, ITS, fire-fighting, lighting and many other fields.

  • Height from 8m to 15m
  • Material made of aluminum alloy for easy and convenient assembly
  • Lifted and lowered by pneumatic system in 15 minutes to reach required height
  • Simple operation
  • Absolutely safe for workers because no climbing is required
  • Suitable for communication at events such as festivals, football matches and fairs
  • Suitable for both greenfield sites and rooftop sites.

3. Camouflage Tower

The camouflage tower is designed and supplied in the form of palm trees, which are appropriate for city complexes, resorts and urban areas where aesthetic landscapes are required.

4. Roof Top Solution

Rooftop site solutions are designed and manufactured to solve rapid deployment with non-concerte foundations. In case of site relocation or site removal, site recycling can be used for new locations.

5. Non-penetrating sites

Non-penetrating solutions are suitable for stations in mountainous areas where on-site concreting is difficult. The solution is economically effective for sites less than 40m high.

6. Telecom-lamp post

Telecom-lamp-posts are suitable alternatives for sites in streets or urban areas.